Your very own beautiful store. Unlike any other.

Easy. Fast. Customizable. Free.

Storenvy Stores are a new kind of
e-commerce platform.

Set up a store in 5 minutes.

The Storenvy Store admin panel was designed to be simple and fun to use. It has all the features you need to run a great store and nothing you don't. We believe you should be able to focus on running a great business, not learning how to use complicated online store software.

Customize it to look the way you want.

No technical skills required. Whether you can edit HTML & CSS or not, make your Storenvy store look however you like, even integrating it seamlessly into your existing website or use your own domain name.

Make more sales as a member of the Storenvy marketplace.

The Storenvy marketplace is what makes Storenvy Stores truly different. When you list something in your store, it is automatically added to the marketplace where shoppers can discover, share, and buy it without ever visiting your store. Some Storenvy stores have seen more than 50% of their total sales come through the marketplace — over twice as many sales as they would have made on their own.


Two stores in one. For free.

When you open your own Storenvy Store, you’re also joining the booming Storenvy marketplace where shoppers all over the world can discover, Envy, and buy your amazing things. Anything you add to your store automatically becomes searchable on Storenvy. This is what makes Storenvy so special. Not only do you get a custom store that is all your own, but you also get access to thousands of customers already shopping at Storenvy. And more customers equals more sales.


Get Watchers. Get sales.

When shoppers in the Storenvy Marketplace Watch your store, they get instant updates when you add new things to your store. Start building your Storenvy following now!


All the Features You Need

Storenvy Stores were designed to be simple and easy while still giving you plenty of power and flexibility as you grow.

  • Store-admin

    Fast, super easy setup

    Launching your online store is as easy and quick as possible with our simple and intuitive admin panel.

  • Paypal

    Get paid the easy way with PayPal

    Accept payments and all major credit cards from around the world using PayPal. Payments are instantly sent to your PayPal account.

  • Experts

    For beginners and experts

    Upload a header and edit your color palette to fit your brand. Or take full HTML/CSS control to craft your own e-commerce masterpiece.

  • 500-products

    Up to 500 products

    Free store, 500 products, no listing fees!? You’re welcome. And you can include up to five photos per product.

  • Inventory

    Full inventory and order tracking

    All incoming orders are easily accessible and color-coded by status. You can export the details of your orders to a CSV file anytime. .

  • Facebook

    Your store on your Facebook page

    Make it easy for fans to shop straight from your Facebook Page, and then reward them with exclusive discount codes.

  • Domain

    Use your own domain

    Use your own custom domain ($5.00/month) for a more branded store experience.

  • Responsive-tile

    Mobile and tablet-friendly

    Your store will look great on a phone or iPad right out of the box.

  • Discounts

    Offer discounts

    Drive sales with promos like Free Shipping, Buy-1-Get-1 and $-off, for $5.00/month. Discount codes for %-off are always free.

  • Stats

    Visitor stats

    Track sales, visitors, referring URLs, search engine terms and orders all through your store’s easy to navigate dashboard.

  • Api

    API support for advanced users

    With the Storenvy API, developers can create, populate, and fully manage online stores via an HTTP REST interface in JSON format. More info.

  • Market

    Join the Storenvy marketplace

    Millions of shoppers visit the Storenvy Marketplace each month to discover amazing things from businesses like yours. Make additional sales on top of what you do through your own storefront.

  • Support

    Amazing support

    Receive quick, reliable and knowledgeable customer support answers from a real human, just like you!

  • Custom_pages

    Custom Pages

    Easily add custom pages to your store to help tell your brand story, display sizing charts, add a photo gallery and more.

Unlimited Flexibility

For advanced users, you have full customization control over your Storenvy store. With our custom templating language and full HTML & CSS access, you can create a totally unique design that is all your own.

  • Stay-gold
  • Cherry
  • Lovely

Case Study : DPCTED Apparel makes up to 40% of sales through the Storenvy marketplace

Storenvy is one of the most important marketing and sales tools our business has. User-friendly navigation and seamless integration with our website makes the Dpcted world go round!

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It’s free! What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We believe that everyone should have access to an awesome online store to grow their business. After you open your store, you can choose to pay for a few Extras to enhance your store such as Custom Domain support and Super Discounts.

Use your own domain for $5.00/month.


Discount code for %-off are always free.

Drive sales with promos like Free Shipping, Buy-1-Get-1 and $-off, for $5.00/month.

Coming Soon! Marketplace revenue share.

With the Storenvy Marketplace, Storenvy merchants are making more sales than ever. We believe that “more sales” is the ultimate feature for any store platform. And to give ourselves an incentive to drive you more sales, we will be introducing a Marketplace Revenue Share early next year.

The sales you drive to your own store are all your own. You will always keep 100% of those orders. After all, you did the hard work of getting the shopper to your store in the first place.

And then Storenvy will keep a percentage of any extra sales that you make through the Storenvy Marketplace. These sales are totally extra! We’ll be working like crazy to drive thousands of customers to check out your stuff so that Storenvy merchants can make extra sales that they would have never even made by being part of the Storenvy community.

We’ll be providing more info about the marketplace revenue share before it launches at which time you’ll have the ability to opt out of the marketplace altogether.

Open a beautiful store unlike any other.

Easy. Fast. Customizable. Free.