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Money Drawing Green Spell Candle Dressed with Herbs and Oil with Money Draw oil for money, good luck, good fortune, increase sales


These Mini candles are great in getting a mini burst of energy out there. If you are looking for a full effect of the spell please consider purchasing the larger candles. Your candle is dressed with herbs and oil inside the candle. Everything else , the oil and instructions goes along with the candle. So if you feel you don't need the stones, this listing offers you the alternative.

Money Drawing candles are a great way to increase money in areas in your life where you feel need it most. Perhaps its receiving more money at work , or gaining more clients with your business or the increase of sales etc... as a kind reminder, keeping it real with your intentions does help manifest your intentions in a better way. If you just like a generalized money candle I can do that for you as well. Please Email me with your intentions after your place your order, so I can begin making the candle for you.

***Please know I put a lot time , energy and care in each candle I make. No candle is exactly the same when I make them as every clients energy is different and as well as their intentions. It is important to me that each candle is set with the right intentions and has that flowing positive feeling in each candle. I make sure that the energy is always right and positive before I dress any candle. This is why it takes me time to set things up and do all the work I need to do. It also means different oils herbs, and stones are selected too. I connect to the divine energies when I am doing this. This way my client feels the positive energy flowing around them from the candle. I never rush my work and I want to make sure the quality of the candle is done properly with positive and loving energies.

*** . Remember, you are the master of your own craft and you are responsible of the intentions you put in your candle and the spell work you perform. So please always use it with good in intentions to manifest the positive in your life!

The candle is approx. 4 inches tall and made from 100% Pure Beeswax, along with organic herbs, cotton wick and a special blend essential oil.This is real pure beeswax. When you burn these candles, you wont get the smoke, they give a nice clean burn so this makes the candle Eco-friendly. You will receive 2 Mini candles.

A bottle of 5/8 dram of money drawing oil will be included with your candle. No longer do you need to figure how to cast your spell either. I will provide instructions to help you understand how the candle works and all you need to do is go by what you feel works for you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. If there is special candle you need me to make and it’s not listed please contact me and I will see what I can provide for you. All candles made are only for positive intentions only.

Finally, please understand that once you have placed the ordered, confirmed your intention and sent payment , THE SALE IS FINAL. The reason for this is because your candle is going to be different from others. I cannot resell your candle to someone else. The candle is made especially for you.

Please Make sure you read the policies here:

Money Drawing Candle Set With Energy Stones