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16 oz. Apothecary Moss Terrarium DIY MakersKit

from MakersKit


Charming and low maintenance, a real dream come true.

Our Apothecary Moss Terrarium MakersKit features preserved moss instead of live plants, which only need a spray of water once a month.

Everything you need is included; glass apothecary bottle, sand, preserved mood & reindeer moss, pea pebbles, granite pebbles and how-to videos. Our kits also include two unpainted figurines, which add a charming finishing touch. Use them as is, or paint them with model paints, nail polish or water-proof paint.

Perfect for your desk, by a window or on your bedside table. After learning the basics, you will have skills to create larger terrariums from your own containers and of course, you can always add live plants once you've got the hang of it. Let's make stuff!

Glass Apothecary Bottle 16 oz. (Pint, 6.5" high x 3" wide)
Preserved Mood & Reindeer Moss
Pea Pebbles
Granite Pebbles
2 Figurines
Instructions (online PDF + how-to video)

Project Work Time: 1 Hour
Kit Contains Small Parts
Recommended for ages 12+ or with supervision