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These are the "Motion", "Let Love In", "Brian Weaver, and "Draw Close" albums.

Motion Track Listing:
1. Nothing At All
2. Redeemed
3. Motion
4. Set A Fire
5. You Amaze Me
6. Loved You To Death
7. Live In Worship
8. As It Is
9. Blessing
10. Redeemed - Acoustic

Let Love In Track Listing:
1. Let Love In
2. You Made Me
3. Rain Or Shine
4. Count It All Joy
5. I Found Love
6. How I Hear You
7. Dios Puede Salvar

Brian Weaver Track Listing:
1. All I've Needed
2. Came To My Rescue (Radio Version)
3. Draw Close
4. Running
5. Here's My Life
6. Doin' Alright (Bonus)
7. Came To My Rescue (Alternate Version)

Draw Close Track Listing:
1. All I've Needed
2. Doin' Alright
3. Draw Close
4. Be Holy, Child
5. Running
6. Back Into You
7. Who I Am
8. Second Floor Memories
9. Here's My Life
10. Kingdom Reigns
11. You Are
12. As It Is

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