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Pet Parade Ionic Pet Brush


This ionic pet brush is a battery-operated brush that generates a stream of positive ions to easily clean your pet and remove odors from its fur.
It works by releasing millions of safe levels of ozone, which neutralizes odors, in as little as five minutes.
The brush allows you to freshen your pet’s fur without soap, water or chemicals.
It can be used on dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits and other furry animals.
This type of brush can also restore softness and shine to your pet’s fur, as well as remove tangles.
Cleansing Ions Help Eliminate Odors and reduces need for requent baths.
Eliminates need for harsh chemicals
Provides your pet with comforting massages
Special “lift up” faceplate allows you to clean brush in seconds
Easy grip ergonomic handle
Extra firm bristles glide though matted hair to get pet's undercoat
Completely silent, so even jumpy pets stay calm while you brush
Condition fur and helps reduce shedding
Uses one 9V battery (not included)