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Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - Free Tea Sample Included!


Trying loose tea can be confusing! What tea to buy, how much, how to brew - YIKES.

Using a tea infuser like ours just makes using loose leaf tea easy, especially with a FREE Tea Sample.

We've included a pre-measured tea sample for the infuser.

premium loose-leaf tea.)

Teaze your senses by watching the leaves unfurl while releasing their flavor and healthy goodness straight to your infuser.

Little Green World Teaware Infuser is

Tough - . Made with medical grade Eastman Tritan plastic.


EASY to Use

Our Infuser is an elegant new way to steep tea by the cup. Simply add our pre-measured packets of organic loose leaf tea, hot water.


When your tea is ready, place the infuser over the cup or plastic tumbler filled with ice and the Teaze automatically dispenses filtered tea into your cup.

Drinking healthy has never been so simple or delicious!

Organic Tea Included - Each pack contains enough tea for a single infuser and you can get two steeps from each.

The 2nd use will be somewhat lighter that your first steep..