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RevvNRG Classic Acai

from DBrevv


RevvNRG was formulated with the highest quality of all natural ingredients that, for centuries, have been legendary for alleviating fatigue & stress, boosting immunity, sharpening mental clarity, improving circulation, aiding in weight loss and battling free radicals.
RevvNRG delivers sustained, non-jittery energy in a convenient on-the-go packet without mega-doses of sugar or caffeine. In fact, RevvNRG contains no synthetic caffeine and only contains 7 healthy grams of organic cane juice sugars.
Through a unique formulation of exotic fruits, vitamins, and teas, you will enjoy a tremendous boost of energy without the crash while building your body's natural defenses and ability to combat stress.
Our exotic, delicious beverage is the perfect marriage of nature's bounty and scientific scrutiny made from the finest ingredients born from the shady depths of South America.