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Facebeast #1


Facebeast is a comic about a superhero with a super beard. You may ask yourself: why aren't there more superheroes with beards? I bet you can name a few, but there should be more! Fear not fellow beard enthusiast, because there is a new hero among us, and his name is Facebeast!

Greatly influenced by superhero parodies like The Tick and Mystery Men, Facebeast tells the tale of Brian Benjamin: a normal guy, with a normal face and a normal life, who suffers a freak accident resulting in his unique power to grow facial hair on command! He can now use this power as both a defense and a weapon against evil doers. So look out, bad guys! The power of FACEBEAST has come to defend all that is good!

written by Josh Dyktsra
art by Kate Carleton
20 pages
copyright 2011 Naughty Bicycle