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Elephantastic #1


Elephantastic is a comic about two best friends: an elephant named Lumpy, and a paraplegic monkey named Oscar. The comic explores the lives of these two friends, and the things that go on in their sick and twisted minds. With nothing better to talk about, they are often caught up in meaningless conversations about the positive uses of pornography, or what kind of useless stuff you could buy with a million dollars. Widely influenced by the films of Kevin Smith, this comic uses dirty language and pop culture references to tell the tales of the two biggest slackers in the animal kingdom.

WARNING: This comic has a lot of bad language in it and is not recommended for innocent minds.

FUN FACT: This is the first comic we ever made! GOOD TIMES!

written by Josh Dyktsra
art by Kate Carleton
16 pages - B&W
copyright 2011 Naughty Bicycle