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Angel Eyes - Midwestern CD


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Here's the CD version of the new full length from Chicago, IL's Angel Eyes, entitled "Midwestern". The CD comes packaged in a 5" cardboard (recycled stock) gatefold jacket (think miniature 12" LP gatefold jacket) with a five color print job. Paintings for the album were done by Marnie Galloway and album design and layout was handled by N.Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries.

"In a day where metal and hardcore has an endless litany of sub-genrestagged at it left and right, Chicago, IL's Angel Eyes effortlessly and boldlydefy genre classification and simple explanation. "Midwestern", their newestcreation, is an album of moral indignation, a call to arms in a decliningeconomy. It's relatable to any of us that have struggled and fought and clawedover these past few years only to end up having to struggle harder in the end,with no end of worrying in sight. Apocalyptic in scope, "Midwestern" is a fourpart movement of brutal realism that plays over in your head long afterlistening. The sounds resonate, the lyrics and vocals disturb, and the intentionis honest and personal. There's still a comfort and hope in the unsettlingatmosphere that the album conjures up, however, because it is comforting to knowthat others feel this way and we are not alone in the desolate struggle ahead.If you combine the cathartic nature of mid-90's hardcore acts such as His HeroIs Gone and In/Humanity, with the contemporary sludge of Neurosis and theatmospheric elements of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, toss in an unhealthy,complete and utter obsession with Ennio Morricone's soundtracks to the SergioLeone spaghetti westerns of the 60's & 70's (in fact, the bands' name,"AngelEyes" is actually taken from the name of Lee Van Cleef's totally badasscharacter in "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly"), then you're starting to get anidea of what "Midwestern" sounds like. Since playing their first show in 2003,the band has released a demo called "01" (2004, self released), a full lengthentitled "Something To Do With Death" (2005, Underground Communique), an epentitled "...And For The Roof, A Sky Full of Stars (2007, UndergroundCommunique), and a split 12" with German spazz/noise crazies A Fine Boat, ThisCoffin (2009, Concubine Records). "Midwestern" marks their second full lengthalbum and a culmination of experiences both musically and personally thatcouldn't help but explode in the violent manner captured within these songs. Itwas recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio (Pelican, Russian Circles, SweetCobra) and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service (Nirvana, TheJesus Lizard, Earth, Om, Jawbox), with artwork painted by Marnie Galloway and albumdesign and layout by N. Shumaker/Northern Lights Industries (The Cure, Caspian,Gifts From Enola)."

*like all things the picture is from my personal collection your copy is unused and brand new. I just like to take pictures of the discs :-P

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