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Kawaii Hime Bag (Green)


Super cute purse and shoulder bag with scallop detail and bow accent! Made from PU.
Height: 20 CM
Width: 25 CM


Agreeing with hapafairy, this bag is adorable but it falls apart, the hooks break very easily, and was really embarrassed when it came apart in a store. Not worth the price. Cute and you'll receive a lot of compliments but don't expect a reliable purse.


The bag is simply adorable but started falling apart within just a week. The material is very nice and I received so many compliments on my new purse! I was so excited but since then, I have nothing but disappointment with this purchase. Within the first week, the stopper for the zipper broke off and this was the third time I had used the zipper at all. Next, the hook-clasp fell apart from the ring (that connects the strap to the purse) the following week in the middle of a store. I tried to fix it by making the connection tighter, something I had done with dozens of purses only to find out it was extremely cheap metal (more like plastic) and it snapped under my tools. I fixed it up with a little super glue and it held for a couple more weeks. The ring finally broke to pieces while I was walking into work and I completely gave up on the purse. My most expensive purse I have bought in years and it fell apart on me in weeks. I am thinking about replacing all the "metal" rings with real ones, but for a $45 purse, I should not even be going through this.