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6lbs Raw African Black Soap


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African Black Soap is Traditionally made in Ghana, West Africa and also made in Nigeria. Black Soap is made from roasted cocoa (chocolate) pods, plantain skins ashes mixed with palm oil and Shea butter.
For centuries, Africans have used Black Soap to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes and various other skin issues.

Many swear by it for skin irritations and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well. African Black soap has also been used to achieve quality beautiful skin. Africans have also used this natural soap for bathing and washing their hair. It's excellent for removing make-up too.

Black Soap will leave your skin smooth and clear. African Black Soap is also used to treat skin from rashes, ring worm, measles and more. Black Soap can be used as a natural shampoo. It is gentle enough for the face and body.

To use the soap, simply cut off a bar size from bulk of soap and mold into form. Then it can be used with a wash cloth or rub in between your hands then rub on body or hair like as you would regular soap.

Black soap absorbs water easily, so keep your bar on a soap dish. This soap is softer than commercial soaps so it is easy to slice a piece and use as you wish. This is a pure product, you may get the occasional grain of grit in it , so rub it into your hands first, rather than straight on the body or face, to avoid being scratched! There are many different ways to use this soap, so experiment.

Shea Butter & Palm Kernel Oil. Organically Grown & Fairly traded. Suitable for vegans.