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Book: The Glory of God (NEW) by Guillermo Maldonado


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Title: "The Glory of God, Experience a Supernatural Encounter with His Presence"
ISBN: 1603744908
ISBN-13: 9781603744908
Author: Maldonado, Guillermo
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers
Year: 2012
Edition: First Edition
Pages: 272
Price: $13.99 (Regular $14.99)
Cover: Softcover/Paperback, Hardcover
Category: Religion/Spirituality
Weight: 1lb
Shipping Weight: 1 lb+

Product Description
Be a Carrier of God's Glory

God designed you to dwell in His presence, understand His heart, and experience His divine power-transforming your life and enabling you to do miracles and wonders that reveal His majesty on earth.
Through the insights Guillermo Maldonado presents in The Glory of God, you can personally?
- Develop a passion and thirst for God
- Be ignited by God\'s fire to do the "impossible"
- Become a dynamic witness and see lives transformed
- Confirm the gospel with supernatural signs
- Enter into spiritual rest-and watch God work
- Receive the miracle you need!

The glory of God is a reality to be experienced. Enter into His manifest presence today and be changed forever.

For over twenty years, Guillermo Maldonado has seen God\'s supernatural power and glory manifested through his ministry around the world, resulting in massive revivals, an explosion of church growth, and supernatural signs and healings.

Experience a supernatural encounter with His presence

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