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Free Ship-Multifunctional Envelope Wallet Purse Phone Case

sold by Euphoria


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New and high quality, fashionable, nice design.
Large capacity for money, cards and phone like iphone 4, 4S, 5, Galaxy S2, S3 and any phone that in a similar or smaller size.
Material: PU Leather
Color:Blue,Sky blue, KhakiRose red, Yellow, Pink
Size: App 15cm X 9cm X 3cm
Weight: About 110g
Quantity: 1Pcs


How long is the shipping time?


I got it today, its alot smaller than i expected, the measaurements are about 3-2cm smaller, my phone can barely fit in D: Also the zipper is not all the way around and it doesnt have two sections when you open it, so i dont even have space to put my banknotes :c It looks more like a smaller version of the one in the pic. Its still cute tho.


Would a Samsung Galaxy note 2 fit?


this wallet is amazing! so cute and pritty v w v


Yes, iphone 5 would totally fit. Any phone fits there. Rose red is the dark pink.


Would the iphone 5 fit?


is the rose red the really dark pink one????


I love this wallet so much, I already own the sky blue and the pink. People keep complimenting on it as it's so pretty yet it manages to stores the necessary things a wallet need but most imporant it fits my phone

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Make sure you provide an accurate email in case I want to contact you. I noticed when I send email a lot of people don't even check them so please^

Also please provide a phone number cause some parcels are secured. (certain products)

If you want to track your order, it costs $1.50.
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Also, once an item is on hold it means it's shipped within 1-2 working days!! :) so many times when it's on hold it's already on its way !

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First reason: An item is out of stock, in that case I will send you an email and fully refund you.

Second Reason: I don't have all of your order information. For orders over $15, I need your phone number so that local post office could call you.
If an information is missing then I can't ship my item to you. I will email you every a few days but after 15 working days I will cancel your order and refund you.

So please check your email just in case something is wrong and I need information.

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You can exchange anything you want for a serious reason,but buyer is responsible for shipping charges if sent back.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

We provide Worldwide Shipping ^~^

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Well, it depends. But our delivery is sadly not the fastest! So please don't buy If you are not willing to wait for your item patiently. I do my best to provide the best service so that you would be happy!

Airmail can take around 3-7 weeks from the moment it ships out. Also, there are a few days that item is processing, it means that I'm working to find them from warehouses. But usually they might arrive much faster! If there's a delay, I'm really sorry!

Also, sometimes it takes time to pass customs clearance, all countries keep on track on what it is in packages, make scans and make sure it's all safe,for security reasons. I can't manage anything once they're shipped out. It's all about your countries and systems!
Don't worry If the item takes so long, it will eventually arrive! If there's 1% chance of it getting lost in post office, I will make sure it's re-shipped.

Items are missing from the package!

First of all, take a breath. Nothing's missing. Sometimes, there are different warehouses so I have to split the orders and send them in 2 or even 3 packages depending what you bought. Also, If an item doesn't arrive early, I will actually send the first item and ship the second later cause I dont want to delay all the shipping progress, it already takes a lot of days since it's from China. Please also send me an email to clarify how many packages I sent If you want to know :)

Do we sponsor bloggers?

We are currently not sponsoring any bloggers! I'm sorry. :(
I hope we will be able to sponsor in a few weeks!

Order Takes tooo long!

When I receive your order, in 24-48 hours I order it directly from supplier/warehouse. I do my best to do it as soon as possible.
When I order it, I mark the orders as "in hold" which means I wait for the warehouse to send it over. Once I receive it, I send it to China Post Office. Afterwards, I set the order as shipped out. (sometimes I might not update the status to shipped out due to excess number of orders,does not mean it's not already shipped out!!)
Once shipped out, I already said above it might take long since it comes from China. Usually, the post office in China is crowded since most internet sellers are Chinese, therefore there are millions of orders every day!
Some other times, I guess the weather is bad, so it could have some delays.
And the last delays might occur due to Customs. Every single package in each country has to be tested, to see what is included inside, where it comes from etc. Now Imagine how many people order each day from your country online.. Post office has a LOT of work to do, that might cost some time.

So If an item is not received within 40 days, I recommend sending me a personal email so I could do the best for you to help you out.

*Please be understanding, I'm a college student so sometimes I might be a little late to update the orders.*

Shipping Ways

If you are interested in faster shipping ways please send me a message. Tell me what are you interested in, and I will let you know the shipping prices!

Can we ship gifts that have different address than paypal?

Actually yes!!
If you want to send a gift directly to someone else's doorstep, you're free to do so. Or If you have any relatives all around the world I could send to them any gift you want me to.
The address you leave on storenvy, is the address the parcel ships to. It saves you money and time, shipping is already included so you should give it a go! Feel free to ask any questions :)