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11-12mm, 1.5" total length. Handmade and designed from genuine Hematite gemstone and solid brass findings as shown in heavy 925 sterling silver plate. Eurowire / leverback earrings. If reasonably cared for these pieces can last for many years and brighten up with just the brush of a silver cloth.

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FAQs & Polices

What is this store's return and exchange policy?

7 day return policy, please email before shipping back item so we can understand and possibly correct the reason you're dissatisfied... :)

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

We sure do! USPS first class with certificate of mailing. USPS requires a shipping upgrade for global orders over $400...if u would like to purchase over that amount, send us a msg with the items and we'll give u the shipping cost...

True Vintage items have variable weights...If you want to buy this item, please send me a msg on the contact tab &/or on my facebook page with the item name, your location and I will set up shipping specs for you & let u know!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks if it's during holidays.

Most orders will ship within 7 - 10 business days of payment; could be sooner. Rings may take 10-20 business days shipping. If you have specific requests or questions, feel free to send a msg :) We try to ship as soon as possible.

What are the color choices for these items?

These are all Swarvoski colors, many of which are in the photos but if you are unfamiliar with a color use this link for a pretty accurate representation.

Large Rose Cut Stones 30ss -
Light Sapphire, Crystal, Montana Blue, Emerald, Garnet, Olive, Peridot, Capri Blue, Tanzanite, Light Colorado Topaz (peachy champagne), Aqua AB, Topaz AB, Garnet AB, Olive AB

Medium Rose Cut Stones 20ss -
Peridot, Garnet, Montana blue, Olive, Crystal, Black diamond, Tanzanite, Amethyst, Siam red, Aqua, Fuschia, Light Colorado Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz AB, Crystal AB, Garnet AB, Olive AB

AB is Aurora Borealis, which is an iridescent coating over the stones. These stones are more expensive to purchase but there is no extra charge at this time, to kick off the new store!

Not all colors are available in all sizes - so just send us an email for now and we can send you the colors for the items you're interested in... :)

Are these items available in silver?

Many styles, although not all are available in a heavy 925 sterling silver plate, with fine sterling silver chain, so feel free to ask...I just got back into this and am still sorting stock :o

Will add the sterling silver plate items as soon as possible...

Are these items made in the US?

Yes, entirely. All plating and soldering is done by old family businesses in the US that produce quality work and are environmentally responsible. The rest is done locally by me :)

Price Range?

$13.00 and up...


Hit me on my facebook wall or send me an email! I'll be listing the rest of the items here hopefully in the next week and linking facebook to this store...if you see something you want to buy on the fb page, let me know and we'll get that listed for you on this storefront...


if you like what you see please like the page or share on your page...

More photos and items?

Yes, please check out the photo albums on my facebook page, there are a lot more items I haven't listed yet...also additional photos of some items that are listed here...

Backorders? Limited Stock?

If the item is out of stock there is a good chance it will be replenished, but items are subject to availability. Limited stock items will most likely not be offered again. If you want something out of stock send an note through the contact tab and we'll get right back with you!


A few true vintage mint pieces added now and again...

TIME SAVERS / Olivous Set Suggestions?

In addition to the SETS tab, which will give you info for the item you clicked on & the matching necklace or earrings, we have added a TIME SAVERS TAB. There are of course more than one pair of earrings to match a necklace & we have tried to group them together as best as possible to give you the quickest shopping experience with the PERFECT MATCH under TIME SAVERS.

If you look closely some stones have lower ridged settings and others higher scalloped ones. That makes a difference if you're trying to match a set.

We can sub one type of setting for another if you want to match a certain necklace...just send an email before you place your order but it shouldn't be a problem and no extra charge.

Gemstone Items?

Gemstone items are genuine and natural...with that comes some variable irregularities in shape and/or color...


Free Shipping applies to orders over $20 within the US. All items will be shipped at one time. If you want the items as they are available there will be shipping charges for any additional shipments beyond the initial shipment.