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Classic Mario Bros Inspired Letterpress Paper Coasters


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A variety box set of ten letterpress paper coasters. 4" Square printed in Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Brown.

Perfect for the classic and modern gamer. Our take on the original Nintendo Mario Bros game, these letterpress paper coasters are fun and functional. Arrange them any way you’d like to create different gaming scenes.

Includes the following per set:
Jumping Mario
Warp Pipe
Mystery Box
Piranha Plant
Four Bricks

These paper coasters are hand printed on one of our vintage letterpress machines using heavy weight coaster stock paper. The coasters are packaged in a clear protective box. Please note, due to the process of letterpress there might be slight variations in color & texture.

The coasters are letterpress printed with water resistant ink and will withstand normal wear and tear. Water and beverage condensation will not damage or warp the coasters, however they will stain if a colored liquid is spilled on them.

Bulk orders and wholesale available, contact us for additional information.


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