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Braided Bead Bracelet with Button Closure


The braided bead bracelet is a piece anyone can wear.
This bracelet came into existence because there seems not to be enough pretty bracelets in stores.

I am happy to offer any sort of colour combination that may be one's favorite colours or colours that have a significant meaning. The pictures show just a few options that are available.

The bracelet is constructed using durable braiding cord, glass seed beads, and a button in the buyer's choice of colour.

The cord will shape itself to the wearer's wrist for comfort and the seed beads' colour will not fade with wear. The button closure for convenient on and off will be matched to the cord's colour unless otherwise noted.

The bracelets show in the pictures measure about 8" long.

When you purchase this bracelet make sure to leave a note stating the colour combination you wish to have as well as the circumference of your wrist.

Here are a few colours and their meanings:
BLACK: stability, self-control, power
BROWN: order, wholesomeness
INDIGO: intuition, meditation
BLUE: youth, spirituality, truth, peace
GREEN: nature, fertility
YELLOW: wisdom, happiness, concentration
PURPLE: royalty, magic, fantasy
PINK: love, beauty, protection
ORANGE: vitality, self-esteem, creativity
RED: passion, sex, lust, confidence, courage
CLEAR: purification, spirituality
GOLD: wealth, health, success