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Melty Star Tights: Pink x Sax


They are here and ready to ship.

These are our cute Melty Star tights! They go perfectly for anyone who is addicted to cute! :)

Size chart: measured from the waist.
flat: 15.5 inches
Streched: 28~35 inches

L~ XL :
flat: 18.5 inches
streched: 39~44 inches

Note: If you have longer legs, you might want to get a bigger size.


I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but, I'd like to post a little review for the people who are looking at these, debating to buy them. These tights are super adorable. Really cute, and I love them. Though, I ordered an L-XL, for I have somewhat chubby legs. When I put them on, the colors really fade so its pretty hard to make out the little drippy design/small details and it's a bit see through. I would recommend getting these since they're really cute, but, beware of the fading-ish effect when really stretched. I tried on a bit darker pair of tights under them, and it fixed it a bit.


Is it asian sizes?


Would the L/XL size fit someone a size 11/13?