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21st Centurions #1 Comic Book


21st Centurions #1
21st Centurions #1 by Stephanie and Mark Heike Format: Standard comic book size, 32 FULL COLOR digital glossy pages , saddle-stitched. Country of Origin: USA Ship Date: July 10, 2005 UPC Code: None Publisher: Centurion Premiere
Synopsis: First issue of this new color series mixing naive teen heroes with an enigmatic mentor who has questionable motives. When young 21st Centurions Ariel and Donna take in a concert, they don't suspect that STEEL2XS is a cover for high-tech theivery. Can the girls handle the villainous boy-band without help? Special notes: After experimenting with their own independent release of the 21st Centurions #0 prequel, 21st Centurions creator/writer/artist Stephanie Sanderson-Heike and her inker husband Mark bring this creator-owned property to the comics pages. With a co-ed team of young, attractive and personable heroes in the forefront, supervised and guided by an older, more experienced group of super-powered operatives, this series should have a broad-based appeal reaching from Silver Age afficiaonados to fans of contemporary mainstream titles. A Sci-Fi/superhero title that focuses on personality and character development without skimping on pyrotechnics and action, the state-of-the-art digital color and quality printing should stand up to favorable comparison with current offerings from Marvel and DC. The competitive retail price should make it appealing to fans and retailers alike.