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Tourettes Dice


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Ever been lost for something rude and slightly surreal to say ?
Roll these chaps on your favorite flat surface anytime you feel the need to express yourself through the medium of profanity. A perfect gift for your grandmother or your great aunty Bessie.

Three laser etched 20mm wooden dice.
1) Adjectives.
2) Words that would cause one's mother an attack of the vapours.
3) Amusing animals from around the globe.


Kind Duke, my beloved (and soon to be stuffed and mounted puppy) has sadly destroyed one of my fabulous random swearing generators :( I am most aggrieved by this turn of events and am sadly now unable to participate in dice duels with my closest friend. Please e-mail me as soon as these fabulous items come back into stock so that I might address this tragic and unpleasant situation. Kindest regards, Lady Grace.


Dear Lady
Again you delight me with a mere stroke of your pen.
Were I one of those excitable foreign types I might even even break into a broad grin. But being terribly terribly British the merest tremble of the stiff upper lip, a faint smile and the minute shifting of an eyebrow will, alas have to suffice.

My thanks once more for your most perspicacious and astute comments.


Aside from the fact this is probably the greatest product I have ever bought in my life these simply must be bought to experience the most creative, charming and original customer service ever. There are not enough like/tweet/pin buttons in the world to give this seller the accolades he deserves. Duke Euphoria De’Gryn, RGB KSC Knight of the Living Dead, you have restored my faith in internet selling, in men, in humanity in general.

To all potential customers, do this, buy this, live this experience and rejoice.

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Why on earth are your prices in US Dollars ?

Alas it is our wily colonial cousins who are responsible for what they would call the "storefront" and until such time as they acknowledge that the rest of the world exists we may well be stuck with their currency.

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Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

We accept orders placed from anywhere within the confines of the solar system!

Though we must admit that shipping charges beyond the orbit of Saturn are quite significant.

What is this store's return and exchange policy?

In the rare case of a malfunction caused by an error in manufacture we will of course offer a full refund or exchange, provided the goods are returned to us in an appropriate condition.

If you accidentally feed it to your pet tiger then I fear there is little we can do.

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Orders placed within the the bounds of this Sceptered Isle will be dispatched forthwith and should arrive after no more than seven days.

Alas, order placed from the far flung corners of the globe may take significantly longer. If you have not received your items within 28 days it is well worth communicating with this office by electronic mail, telegram or carrier pigeon, as you see fit.