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Product Life: 9-12mths 
Method:Sew in, Bonded, b
amount : 4 ounces 
Bundles needed for full head: 2 bundles or more 
hair available in strands, keratin tips, and clips

Premier Virgin Brazilian Hair
Our Virgin Brazilian hair is of the highest quality that we have to offer. This hair is premium hair and is directly imported from Brazil. This hair is a bit pricier because this hair is very hard to find, very rare and does not tangle even when wet. Our premier Virgin Brazilian hair feels very soft and light, and only comes in its natural virgin state of loose wavy and loose curl texture. The hair is beautiful in its natural wavy and loose curl state, but is absolutely gorgeous when flat ironed and wore straight. This hair has a natural shine to it, and is very easy to maintain. Our customers swear by this product. ENJOY.

Brazilian Virgin Remy hair is healthy virgin hair, which has not been processed at all.  This hair has a lot of natural body to it.  It is cuticle hair, provided by the donor in its original state, therefore, the direction of the hair is respected, and the hair does not tangle at all. It comes in natural colors of dark brown or black and sometimes a bit lighter. The dark colors can be dyed to lighter shades, just as you would color any hair.  It is strong hair that is naturally straight, wavy or curly. The waviness can be easily turned into curly with proper styling. It is excellent for people with African ancestry, as it looks very natural, yet manageable.  The hair is not altered chemically mechanically.