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Set of 5 Hello Pronouns Stickers


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A handy sticker that tells the world your name and pronouns. Comes in seven varieties: he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, xe/xem/xyrs, ze/hir/hirs, Spivak, and fill-in! Whether being used when meeting new people or as a gentle reminder to old friends, these pronoun name tags use a familiar format to communicate the information quickly and easily.

Five packs are available for each variety of sticker, plus as an assorted pack that features one of each of they, she, he, xe, and ze. If that doesn't suit your purposes, try a custom pack that lets you choose which stickers go in! Please note that custom packs are just a custom selection of pre-existing stickers, NOT a pack of custom stickers. If you have a deadline that you need to recieve your order by, please mention it in the 'notes' section of your order!

Please note, if a pack of a particular sticker appears to be missing in the drop-down menu or you are unable to add more than a certain number of packs to your cart it is because they are out of stock! Please do not use custom packs to circumvent available stock.

Contact me via email at for bulk pricing and orders!


I'd love some with the labels zhe/zir!


It would be nice to get some with a blank for pronouns, so I could put "my pronouns are 'Your Majesty' "


i ordered some of these for they/them about six weeks ago.... how long is it supposed to take for them to get here?


Any chance of a "Whatever Pronouns You Feel Like", for us non-gendered folks? It would be stressful for me to have to choose one of those.


Agree with what a previous poster said about fill-in-the-blank! Also, VERY excited about these! I'm in charge of a NaNoWriMo region and have been wondering what a good way to orgaincly introduce this concept and make it friendly for EVERYBODY (rather than calling out people who I or someone else feels is ambiguous/not passing/whatever) without having to lecture and without knowing exactly what kind of folks with what kind of exposure to these concepts I'm going to have year to year. I will definitely be ordering a stockpile for my early meetings and welcome packages. So excited :3


How many come in a pack of assorted?


I would buy BUNCHES of these if you could make these with it/its or them/themself/that


the common pronunciation of hir/hirs i've heard is "hear" and "hears", for Ze it's "zee" and for Xe/Xem/Xyrs it's usually "zay/zem/zeirs" think "they/them/theirs" but with a z-ish sound at the front. At least in my region it's pronounced like that, then again I use they/them/theirs pronouns so if anyone who uses these pronouns has a more accurate pronunciation guide feel free to correct me.


Are hir and hirs pronounced her and hers? or...? Is Ze (Zee or Zeh or... ?)

And how does one pronounce Xe (Zee? Shee? Zeh? Sheh?) Xem (Zem? Shem?) Xyrs (zirs, zeers? shirs? sheers?)

I just want to get it right.


Are hir and hirs pronounced her and hers? or...? Is Ze (Zee or Zeh or... ?)

And how does one pronounce Xe (Zee? Shee? Zeh? Sheh?) Xem (Zem? Shem?) Xyrs (zirs, zeers? shirs? sheers?)

I just want to get it right.


Needs a fill-in-the-blank sticker, but otherwise cool!

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Tell me more about those shipping options!


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Why are your name tag stickers so much more expensive than the ones at office stores?

It's mostly a matter of scale! The standard red "Hello my name is" stickers are produced by the hundreds of thousands, automatically printed and cut by machines. Working on that scale allows for each sticker to cost at most a few cents, probably a fraction of a cent. We're a small company and demand for our product doesn't even begin to reach that scale. We rarely produce more than a thousand stickers at a time, and since we can't afford machines they're all cut by a person hunched over a table and a simple paper cutter. To put it simply, we sell them as cheaply as we can with the resources we currently have available. In the future if demand increases we may be able to produce the stickers for a lower cost and will definitely reduce prices accordingly. Orders of 100 or more stickers have access to bulk discounting, as do orders from non-profit organisations and health/community centers. Send us an email before ordering if you want to take advantage of these savings!

What exactly does "Non-Newtonian Gender Fluid" mean?

Presumably that one's gender doesn't follow the standard Newtonian model of fluid dynamics!