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Toe Ring Magnetic therapy Weight Loss



Slimming Healthy Weight Loss Diet Aid Magnetic Toe Ring X 2
Chinese Acupressure Technology Starts Slimming Process
Hot Newest Japanese Breakthrough In Slimming Technology

The Acupressure Magnetic Slimming Toe Rings

You Will Receive 2 Toe Rings In Retail Packaging
You've read about it and heard about it! The Slimming toe ring is the hottest slimming aid to come from the Far East, the creators of the magical acupuncture and other alternative health aids and this is no exception as it uses a legendary Chinese acupressure technology for triggering the slimming process.
The product consists of a set of two rings to be worn on the big toe of each foot. The rings stimulate the acupressure points on the big toe.
To provide added slimming benefits they also pulsate the acupressure spots on the second toe. The effect of this stimulation is that your appetite and hunger pangs get controlled and suppressed.
The rings have to be worn all throughout the day for best results.

Each ring has a magnet which has a magnetic field of 1100 gauss to throb the accu-points in your entire feet.
Besides weight loss the rings also help you use abdominal and femoral muscles more efficiently to improve your corporeal fitness and well being.The rings also have the power to make you feel lighter on your feet and also improve your balance which weakens with age due to shortening of the pathways between the brain and the muscles.
The rings are 100% safe and cause weight loss in a natural way.
They are made of soft silicone to ensure comfort during wear.
The material is also non allergenic.
Can't go wrong with the price, GIVE IT TRY :)