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SMITTEN: Shimmery Soft Pink

Applied wet: it becomes a coppery apricot with pink shimmer

Sizing options:

Default size is a 10g fullsize jar of pigment sealed with a sifter.

Samples are a 1/8tsp in a biodegradable jar.

This listing is for a fullsize jar (10g jar with sifter,packed full of pigment).

Product may settle during shipping.
To open product: Unscrew lid and remove sticker from sifter carefully (I recommend holding the sifter against the jar firmly in one hand and peeling off the sticker with the other hand).
To dispense:
Turn upside down.
Tap jar against the palm of your hand.
Turn jar right side up.
Tap jar against your hand (so that excess pigment collects in the sifter) and open.

By only using pigment in the lid or on the sifter, you are ensuring that the product inside the jar stays sterile and free of contamination from bacteria on your brushes.

If properly cared for and handled, your pigments should last you a very long time! My pigments are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and no organic or animal products, so they do not have an expiration date.