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Natural Bunny Rabbit Scarf


♥ This is an original handmade design* ♥

This is a design inspired by old vintage fur stoles but with a guarantee that absolutely no animals were harmed in the making of it ♥

Knitted from chunky acrylic yarn and filled with 100% organic kapok stuffing, a cotton crimp bow and brown button eyes add to that vintage look and give a bit of charm and personality to the scarf.

This scarf can be worn multiple ways, there is a knitted tab in the back of the scarf which allows you to wear it as a stole (as pictured) or you can simply wear it wrapped or draped around your neck.

♥ Toe to toe - 36"
♥ Body - 28"
♥ Head - 5"

♥ Wool - 100% acrylic
♥ Stuffing - 100% kapok
♥ Bow - Cotton
♥ Buttons - Plastic
Suitable for vegans or those with wool allergies

*Please note that as this design is handmade although special care has been taken to make it look as identical as possible there might be slight differences between the one pictured and the one you will receive


Love that its vegan, I definitely plan to buy!