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"All The Cats In The World Are My Best Friend" Sweashirt

sold by Crystal Bleach


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~A gray sweatshirt with the original phrase "All the cats in the world are my best friend." hand-painted on it! (Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested in my old phrase)

~Default size: Medium unless otherwise specified in the notes section at checkout!

☆ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ ☾ ☆ ☾

✉ Please allow some time for this to ship! I have to order the plain item online then wait for arrive which is just a few days, then I'm able to dye/paint it, then it must dry. ✉

♡ I love doing custom orders! Different dye,sweatshirt,shirt,paint colours etc. can be done! If you have any ideas,thoughts, and if you know what you want to do, e-mail me at I'm open to anything pretty much!♡

★ This is a handmade item. So it could have a flaw or two! I do as best as I can, as if I were making it for myself. ★


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LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME you shouldn't have had to change the name :c


Do you ship to the UK?


i wish this came in pale pink...


can you make the sweater black and the letters white? Please!


Permenant paint.


If you were to buy the painted on letters.. if its literally painted on how would you wash it? Wouldn't it just wash off? Or is it a special permanent paint?

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FAQs & Polices

How long will it take to receive my order?

-Handmade/Custom Items~ Please allow up to a week/week and a half! I have to order the supplies online sometimes and wait for it to arrive then make your order!
-Not Handmade/Custom Items~ They will be shipped with a day or two of your purchase since I already have them on hand.

*Arrival times*
USA - Over 13 ounces - Shipped Priority - 1-3 Days
USA - Under 13 ounces - Shipped First Class - 2-5 Days
International - Delivery time is completely unpredictable. I've asked my local post office and they say they can't give a more precise estimate than 2-5 weeks. Most items seem to arrive before the 5 week mark though!

Do you take custom orders?

I love to make stuff custom!
If you see a product of mine you like but maybe there's a color you don't like, just e-mail me at the e-mail below and I'm 100% open to changing things!
I can do the majority of the stuff listed as custom product for you. Meaning different fabric colors, colored paints, the style, etc! I'd love for it to be perfect to how you like, so just e-mail me at before your purchase or right after!

I don't have a Paypal or a credit/debit card, but I want to place an order, what do I do?

This is no problem at all! First off, just send me an e-mail at I'm totally okay with sending cash through the mail! Quite a few people have done it with me and it works out well.

How do I wash my items?

-Gradient/Ombre items- Cold water! I'd suggest in the sink, because if you wash it in the machine, there's a chance it will fade & become more pastel. If you wash it in the sink, some dye will come out , and it's okay! It shouldn't really fade at all. If you do decide to put it in the wash, wash it ALONE. The run-off dye could stain your other clothes!

-Painted/iron on items- These can be washed regularly in the machine! The paint is fabric paint so it will stay forever. Wash iron-on's on COLD. If the letters start to come off, they can be ironed right back on!

Do I have to have a Paypal to checkout?

When you go to checkout, just act like you're going to go through Paypal. When you get to where it asks you to log in, there should be "Checkout as a Guest" option, usually below it. You can click on that, enter your card info, and checkout through that!
You don't have to make a PayPal although it gives you the option. It just does your transaction through Paypal since that's safe and confidential.

What are the sizes of items in your store?

Sizes are almost always listed!
I get a lot of questions about this. If the sizes aren't listed as an option when you add the item to your cart, leave your size in the notes at checkout please for all handmade items. The description normally states if they are women's or men's sizes. Most handmade items are mens sizes.

Non-handmade items sizes are also listed in the description. If they aren't because I may have forgotten, just send me an e-mail asking at

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

Absolutely! You will have the option at checkout.

What is this store's return and exchange policy?

~Refunds and exchanges are acceptable on custom/handmade items! As long as you can send it back to me, I can make you another at no cost or send you a refund.

~No exchanges/refunds on thrifted items or "My Closet" items. Sorry!