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"All The Cats In The World Are My Best Friend" Sweashirt


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~A gray sweatshirt with the original phrase "All the cats in the world are my best friend." hand-painted on it!

~Default size: Medium unless otherwise specified in the notes section at checkout!

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✉ Please allow some time for this to ship! I have to order the plain item online then wait for arrive which is just a few days, then I'm able to dye/paint it, then it must dry. ✉

♡ I love doing custom orders! Different dye,sweatshirt,shirt,paint colours etc. can be done! If you have any ideas,thoughts, and if you know what you want to do, e-mail me at I'm open to anything pretty much!♡

★ This is a handmade item. So it could have a flaw or two! I do as best as I can, as if I were making it for myself. ★


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LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME you shouldn't have had to change the name :c


Do you ship to the UK?


i wish this came in pale pink...


can you make the sweater black and the letters white? Please!


Permenant paint.


If you were to buy the painted on letters.. if its literally painted on how would you wash it? Wouldn't it just wash off? Or is it a special permanent paint?