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Charm Bow Small

sold by Castle of bows


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The cute Pokemon Charm bow!
Get it..? because it's covered in cute Pokemon and a common cute type Pokemon move is Charm!

The bow features Pokemon such as Eevee, Pikachu Oshowatt, Shaymin, Victini, Emolga, it's on a blue stripey background and I think it's just so adorable.

This bow is part of my special Pokemon Collection.

It will measure 4x3 inches approximately, so a small bow. This bow also comes in a larger size.

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FAQs & Polices

What is this store's return and exchange policy?

All sails are final.
Unless you get the wrong items then you can exchange them for your right order.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

Yes! Of course. Anyone around the world can order!

How long will it take to receive my order?

I usually ship orders out once a week, sometimes it's not possible, but after I make your order I will not hold it for more than two weeks.
Once it is shipped it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to arrive to you.

I apologize in advance for orders that arrive later than expected. But as long as you get them, right :)

Do you do custom orders?

I certainly do!
Just send me a message via the contact page and explain to me what you would like.
I will look for what you would like and I'll try my best to find it and then I'll get back to you. If you're happy with what I'll find, we'll negotiate a reasonable price and take it from there.

Although sometimes some fabric is just so hard to find and therefore makes it not possible.

But I do try my absolute best!

Where do you get your fabric?

I buy my fabric online and local fabric stores..
I buy the materials for the accessories I sell online as well ^.^

Can I review your products?

Yes of course you can!
If you purchase them yourself and like the products enough to recommend them to others then by all mean create a review and I'll reblog it on my blog.

Unfortunately I am no longer giving away items to be reviewed, or to be involved in a giveaway hosted by others. Sorry for this!

However, you can message me to become a sponsor, and we'll do a banner exchange, feel free to do that!

Do you do giveaways?

I do!
I host them on my blog (
I do them when I reach certain milestones or when I feel like it really! Follow my blog and stay tuned! There could be one coming up very soon! ^.^