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Each of our cases are designed and made to order by hand here in Cleveland.

Our cases are made with a heat technique for long-lasting, high quality imagery.
Our designs are not printed on and won't rub off, fade or lose their luster.

Phone cases are available in the following:

● Hard Plastic in Black, White or Clear (Bright colors available for the 5C cases!) | A slim, low profile hard plastic that snaps snug to your phone. The material is durable, and the edges of the case lay flush against the screen. This case is the slimmest option. Those looking for ease of use and a stylish look prefer the plastic cases. This is what I've worn for years.

● Firm Silicone in White or Black | A firm, protective silicone that has a good grip to it, preventing it from easily slipping from your hands. The case goes past the screen edge of the phone, offering more screen protection. This option is popular due to the protective nature of a silicone case while still being slimmer than a heavy duty case. Please note silicone is a porous material, so I advise those worrying about getting their case dirty from everyday use to choose the black option.

● The design of the case will appear the same no matter what option you choose, the back design will be hard and glossy. The case type and color refers to the sides or "bumpers" of the case only.

Please note that differences in operating platforms, displays and screen calibrations can cause pictures to look different on different screens.

● Shipping

Handling time for cases is usually around two to four business days as we make every single case to order.