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Red Delicious Apple Stud Earrings

sold by SweetSugaRush


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You know what they say.. "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." So these two should keep you at full health.

Although this item is not edible, it sure looks good enough to eat!

- Hand sculpted polymer clay studs
- 21.21 mm diameter (size of a nickel)
- Surgical Steel stud base
- Hypoallergenic

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What is this store's return and exchange policy?

All returns or exchanges must be made within 10 days of purchase domestically and within 20 days of purchase internationally. All merchandise must be in great condition and virtually appear undamaged.

We do not fund shipping returns or exchanges but we will ship the item you want to replace in your exchange at no cost to you. Once we receive the exchanged merchandise, we will contact you via e-mail in order to confirm the product your would like us to send as a replacement. This item must be of less or equal value and must be in stock at the time of contact.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

We sure do!

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Is any of your jewelry edible?

Each piece is handcrafted with polymer clay and baked to perfection. Although our items are not edible, they sure look good enough to eat!

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Yes, I looked into the pay option on my web store and I see the dilemma. Though it says "Pay on PayPal", the site still gives you the option to log into PayPal in order to make a payment or pay with your Credit/Debit Card without an account. Once you click the "Pay on PayPal" link you will see this information. Storenvy uses PayPal to further protect both my store and you, the customer, from fraud. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused you. Happy Shopping!!

See a style you like, but don't have your ears pierced?

Clip on earrings can be made by request at no additional charge!
For more information contact us on either our ETSY or StorENVY! ^.^