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12,952 Sales Ships from Wellsville, NY

100% Original - Luckless Clothing is developed by two brothers Matthew and Joshua, whom specialize in creating one-of-a-kind country items for the modern guy and gal. We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice style to stay true to your roots. We make country fun and bright! Check out our ABOUT page on the left hand side of your screen for more information about who we are, about your orders, sizing, and what we do. Thanks!


Store FAQ

  • Why is my order on "HOLD"

    We mark every order on "HOLD" so that way we can differentiate between brand new orders other customers just placed, and your order that has been printed off of our computers and is being processed and getting ready for screen-printing. Don't worry, this is a good thing. Storenvy often has orders that don't appear in our system for a few days after the order has been placed, and this helps us show that your order has been printed off and is getting ready to ship to you, and isn't lost in the mix of new orders that just came in. If there was a problem with your order, our sales department will contact you with the issue at hand. If you receive no emails, that is a great thing. That means your order is well on its way to being finalized and shipped to your destination. We will mark your order from "HOLD" to "SHIPPED" the SAME DAY as when we drop it off to our local United States Post Office. You will receive a confirmation email from Storenvy once we mark it as shipped so you know that it is on its way.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Once your order has been marked as "SHIPPED", most orders take anywhere from 3 to 4 days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service as well as the form of payment you used. Typically, all credit card and debit card transactions are automatic, and your order is processed immediately. E-Checks take between 3-5 days longer to process as payment must be confirmed by our bank before the printing and shipping process even begins. International and APO shipping delivery times may vary between 10 and 15 days.
  • Sizing

    Please refer to each individual product page and look at "Luckless Recommends" for the general sizing of each product. For exact sizing, please read below. TEE "The following measurements are the actual dimensions of the product. Please choose the size that most closely resembles your measurements" Extra Small --Length-- 28" --Chest Width-- 16 1/2" Small --Length-- 29" --Chest Width-- 18" Medium --Length-- 30" --Chest Width-- 20" Large --Length-- 31" --Chest Width-- 22" Extra Large --Length-- 32" --Chest Width-- 24" Double Extra Large --Length-- 33" --Chest Width-- 26" TANK TOP "The following measurements are the actual dimensions of the product. Please choose the size that most closely resembles your measurements" Extra Small --Length-- 27" --Chest Width-- 15 1/2" Small --Length-- 28" --Chest Width-- 17" Medium --Length-- 29" --Chest Width-- 18 1/2" Large --Length-- 30" --Chest Width-- 20" Extra Large --Length-- 31" --Chest Width-- 21 1/2" OFF-SHOULDER "The sizing chart below is for our customers who have the following body measurements and want to choose the correct Luckless size" Luckless Small --Bust-- 32-34" --Waist--26-28" --Hip-- 36-38" Luckless Medium --Bust-- 34-36" --Waist-- 28-30" --Hip-- 38-40" Luckless Large --Bust-- 36-38" --Waist-- 30-32" --Hip-- 40-42" Luckless Extra Large --Bust-- 39-41" --Waist-- 32-34" --Hip-- 42-44"
  • Why don't I have a tracking number?

    We do not issue tracking numbers for every customer, as this is a VERY LENGTHY process for information most customers completely disregard. If you do desire a tracking number, after your order has been marked "SHIPPED" to your destination on Storenvy, please email and she will provide you with the date when your product was shipped, and tracking information for your product.
  • I ordered the wrong size(s), what do I do?

    Please refer to "What is this store's return and exchange policy" for more information.
  • I ordered the wrong color item(s) and want a different color. What do I do?

    If you ordered a Luckless design in one color, and would like it in a different color, you may send it back (at your own expense) to our offices, and we will exchange it for the same design in the color of your choosing (provided it is in a color we offer). Please include a printed copy of your order, order number, return address, and full name, with the product you plan to return. Also include which alternative color you desire in exchange. Please see "What is this store's return and exchange policy" FAQ for more information on returns and exchanges.
  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    Yes we do. We often ship to international countries, and APO addresses. Please note, that these international addresses take additional time to receive your item(s). Typically we have been seeing between 10-15 days AFTER we've delivered your product(s) to our shipping carrier for you to receive your item(s).
  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    If for some instance you've purchased something and it is the "wrong color" or "too big/too small", you can send it back to us at the following address. Luckless LLC 4269 Bolivar Road Wellsville, New York 14895 Our return policy is pretty strict. The item must not be damaged in any way, shape, or form, or else we will not refund your money. This means that your items can not be stained, ripped, removed any tags, stickers, or other embellishments off of the product(s), and must be in "new" condition. You can not trade one product for another product. It must be the same item/design you've ordered, but only in a different size, or different shirt color. You must ship back your order at your own expense, and include a copy of your invoice (we must have your name, order number, product, and size/color you wish to exchange for). For example, you can not trade in a tee-shirt for a sweatshirt, but you may trade in a green tee-shirt with the letter "A" on it for a blue tee-shirt with the same letter "A" design. You may also for example, trade in a size medium for a size large, of the same product. After we receive your item, it takes between 2-3 days to print off a new item to ship it to your destination. What this means to you, the customer, is that after you ship your item(s) back to us, which normally takes 2-3 days, a 2-3 day restocking and printing time, and an additional 2-3 days shipping time back to you, up to 9 days have passed before you get your item back to you.
  • I'm having trouble purchasing my items at checkout

    When you run into a problem at checkout, like receiving an 'error' message such as not being able to verify the billing address, please make sure that it is the address you've provided with your credit card/ debit card, is the one that you gave to your credit/debit card company when you got that card. We often find that people move after they get a debit or credit card, and forget to change their billing address with that debit or credit card company. At check out, you need to specify the "BILLING" address for that card, not your shipping address. You can provide your shipping address if it is different than your billing address in a different section, or in the "Notes to Luckless" section. This will most often fix your 'error' messages. If you are certain that you are inputting the correct address, and still receiving error messages, please "x" out of your window by closing it, and reopen your browser. If this does not fix the problem, please switch your browser. For instance, switch from google chrome to firefox, or internet explorer, safari, etc... If your problem still persists, and you are using a mobile device, please switch platforms. Most often the best way to check out is on a computer versus mobile phone. Even a tablet is suitable for checkout if your phone is giving you problems. If you've tried all of these remedies, and are still encountering a problem, please write in to us and we'll personally assist you with your checkout. You can write us at Thank you very much!

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