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Holley Tea Time

811 Sales Ships from Downey, CA

☆ Current processing time 5-8 weeks for all made to order items.Get 20% off when you spend at least $50.00+ before shipping (◍•ᴗ•◍) ☆ Holley Tea Time is a cute and colorful shop specializing in clothing, jewelry and accessories. The shop has a magical theme with lots of glitter and pastel colors. All the cute art is drawn by the shop owner Holley. The goal of Holley Tea Time is to make a world filled of happiness and magic in everyone's hearts.


Store FAQ

  • !New! Sublimation items (dresses, skirts, crop tops, tank tops, and leggings)

    New! As of 12/17/2014 Our manufacturer has now switched to a new fabric to do the sublimation process on items such as our (dresses, skirts, crop tops, tank tops, and leggings). This means the item you will be receiving the color of the product has slightly changed and is more pastel / lighter from our stock photos. As we order more samples of our items we will be changing our stock photos to better show the current fabric used for all of our made to order items. Please also know that our manufacture can change the fabric at any given time. Thank you so much for your understanding. It is normal for all sublimation items to have some specks, dots and creases to appear on the fabric.This is a normal result of the sublimation process. If your garment arrives and you are not satisfied with the result please email us within the first 3 days of receiving the item.
  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    All sales are final no returns or exchanges. If item arrives to you damaged from transit on its way to you please contact us as soon as possible. Proof photo will be required. A replacement of the item will be mailed to you as soon as we are able to. If you have any questions about a items color we will give additional photos upon request in an email. If your package is lost or is taking too long to arrive contact us.
  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    We sure do!
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    ☆ Current processing time 4 ~ 7 weeks for all purchases. ☆ Current processing time is 4 ~ 7 weeks to make and assemble orders. During this time of the year with holidays we get lots of orders with multiple items. Crafting all the jewelry and accessories will take longer than usual. Made to order items will take 4-8 weeks before shipping out. If you are wondering about your order please contact us and we will reply to your email within 1-3 days. :) If you would like to contact us directly please use this email we can reply to your email much quicker - - > ☆ Made to order items. ☆ Once item is purchased item we then send in our custom order to the manufacture. This item is a made to order item. Professionally printed, cut, and sewn in a factory by seamstresses. Your item will arrive within 4-8 weeks of purchase date. Depending how busy the factory is can determine its early or late arrival time. Once the item is shipped you will get a email with a tracking number for USA customers and worldwide customers. For United States shipments please allow 2-5 business days for shipment to arrive. For international shipments please allow 10-15 business days for the shipment to arrive to you. Depending on your country's customs, shipments can take longer up to 4 - 12 weeks. As our standard mail we use the cheapest method of shipping USPS first class mail. If you would feel more comfortable with a upgraded mailing service please contact us for priority mail upgrade. Scheduled Delivery Day of a package: - United States: first class mail (2-5 business days) priority mail (2-3 business days) Scheduled Delivery Day of a package: - Worldwide (international) first-class mail 10-15 business days can take longer up to 4-12 weeks priority mail (6 - 10 business days)
  • Care instructions for jewelry and accessories

    ☆ It is ok for the jewelry pendant / charm to get wet. If you want to clean the pendant / charm please use room temperature water or cold water. With our resin pieces it tends to get soft under hot water, so cooler temperatures is best. ☆ make sure when cleaning your jewelry do not get the metal parts wet. For example do not get the metal ring base wet. After time the metal will rust. So we suggest not getting any metal items wet. ☆ How to store your jewelry. It is best to put away in a jewelry box or in a non open air flowing room. If item is left hanging near the window it will rust by time. So we suggest taking good care of your jewelry by storing it away in a bag or jewelry box. These care instructions are for all our necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and accessories with metal parts.
  • ♥ Tights and socks washing instructions ♥

    (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ Tights and socks washing instructions ♥ Step 1: Use a mild detergent. Any basic laundry detergent can be used when you clean your tights. The detergent should not contain bleach. Step 2 : Turn the tights inside out. This will prevent any build up of lint during washing. Step 3 : Place the tights in a panty hose washer bag. These bags protect the hosiery from becoming tangled and damaged when placed in the washing machine. Step 4 (A) : Put the tights in the washing machine. Use a delicate cycle to wash the tights and select a cold water wash. This protects the texture and the color of the tights. Step 4 (B) : Wash the tights by hand. You can wash them in your sink if you don’t have a washer bag. Remove any hand jewelry and handle the tights carefully. Step 5 : Dry the tights on a towel. You should not hang dry tights because this can cause the fabric to stretch. Tights should never be placed in a dryer.
  • Additional Policies and FAQs

    If you would like to see more photos such as side, back, top, of a product in detail contact us.
  • The Artist of Holley Tea Time

    Holley Khuzaie is the artist and designer who illustrates all the art at Holley Tea Time. She is also the owner of Holley Tea Time. She crafts and assembles all the handmade jewelry and accessories. While attending collage she studied media arts and animation as her field of study. Now she is fully devoted to her brand and enjoys designing cute characters. Her illustrations are used in various products in the shop such as t-shirts, fabric, printed acrylic charms, button badges and many other items. Her dream is for one day to get Holley Tea Time merchandise in major department stores all over the world.
  • button badge pins

    All button badge pins are made by me in my studio. Art is professionally printed at my local print shop. Then the button badge pin is then made with my professional industrial button badge machine.
  • Resin jewelry and accessories

    All resin jewelry and accessories is handmade by me. I pour and mix the resin and hardener to create the piece of jewelry. Most of the molds to create my jewelry and accessories are store bought or ordered from the internet. Some of my molds and handmade by me and I create a custom rubber molds on some pieces. I make my own rubber molds using Mold Builder Liquid Rubber by Castin'Craft.
  • What clay do you use?

    I use "fimo" clay. Its a type of polymer clay and I like this brand best.
  • How do you make fake frosting? (Relating to decoden)

    I use 100% silicone from a caulking tube. I use GE GE412A Waterproof Silicone Caulk, 9.8 oz Tube and always make sure its 100% silicone. When its 100% when its dry its squishy. I then get a caulking tube gun to squeeze the silicone out of the tube. I then get a bakers piping bag. I also have a frosting tip to create the decorative look of frosting. When all these things are all done the white silicone looks like frosting. I also color it using regular paint. Then I also use glitter once its all done to decorate it. I love doing decoden and had a lot of help looking at tutorials on youtube to help me and learn new ways to decorate. Look up "how to decoden" or "decoden tutuorial" on youtube.
  • How do you color your resin?

    I use little drops of paint. I also make the resin clear with glitter then once the clear resin and hardener are mixed and poured in my mold I add lots of color glitter to create a background color for the resin. I have also heard you can mix in color powders like makeup or other color pigments to color your resin. I have also heard you can use pastel colored chalks and use little amounts to color your resin. I also know you can also use food coloring too. :)
  • What glue do you use?

    I use E6000 glue :) On the package it says E6000 craft adhesive. I use the one that is clear when it drys.
  • Do you do custom orders?

    We do but in a different way. We can pretty much do anything. But one of our rules is if its custom made we later put that special design in our shop. We don't do one of a kind orders. For example if the customer asks us to do a custom mold for a resin piece we later then use that mold design later for future products in our shop. Another example is if a custom art design is asked I do it and then later put that art design in various products.
  • How durable / strong is your jewelry?

    We have 3 types of jewelry. # 1 resin jewelry #2 fimo clay jewelry #3 printed acrylic charm jewelry #1 Our resin jewelry is very durable. Very hard as plastic. If you accidentally drop the resin jewelry on the floor it will not break. We use resin jewelry all the time because its very pretty but also a strong product. #2 Fimo clay jewelry is a fragile product and should be handled with care. The clay is strong but can break if pressure is on the clay to rake it. We take very good care of the item to make sure the item is well packaged for its journey ahead. #3 Printed acrylic charm jewelry is the finest products of the 3 we have. Manufactured product. The art is printed on the acrylic then it is cut with a laser. Its very strong and durable.

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