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Bow ♥ Kuma 毛の リボン くま

1,133 Sales Ships from USA

Specializing in bows and other accessories of all variety ★ EXTRA GOODIES with every order ᵔ ᴈ ᵔ ♡ Please visit our custom shop for more information regarding the products. Thank you for visiting!


Store FAQ

  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    All sales are final, we do not offer returns or exchanges. There have been very few cases where the customer cannot receive their package but unfortunately it is not an uncommon thing. BowKuma cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen mail. However, if the mail is sent back to me and we receive it, we will ship it back to you free of charge!
  • Reserved & Custom Orders Policy

    Please email us at Serious inquiries only please. <b>RESERVED ORDERS:</b> • All bows and handmade items can be reserved, however items such as clothing, stationary etc will depend on the item and your inquiry. • Reserved orders will be removed after 2 weeks of not purchasing! <b>CUSTOM ORDERS:</b> Shoot us an email for a custom listing of any bow in the fabric color you want! We can also change the drip color. Colors and designs are limited for both, but we'll see what we can do! Create a special bow for you or someone you know! • We can only make custom bows of variations of the bows we already have here at BowKuma. • A $.50 fee will be added if the design will require supplies we do not have at BowKuma. • Custom bows, depending on the design and supplies, will require extensive time. I recommend purchasing at least 1 month ahead of time of the date you need your order by. • Custom orders will be removed after 2 weeks of not purchasing! <a name="shipping">.</a>
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Most orders (specifically involving bows) will now take 3 Days - 3 weeks to process/ship out. (3 weeks will only mainly apply to Holidays or Breaks). All orders are in an orderly queue, I work chronologically! Please keep in mind that Reserved/ Customs may require a longer time frame. * Why so long? I often get a large amount of orders in especially near the holidays, I'm also a full time student and an older sister, and I single -handedly create, process and ship out orders on BowKuma by myself. I know you are looking forward to your order and I promise to get it out to you as soon as I possibly can! I truly thank and appreciate everyone's patience and understanding!! Please do not hesitate to contact Bow Kuma if you want to check up on the status of your order! <font color="pink"/>♥</font> (I will take around 72 hours to respond back to sometimes even a week during the school year but feel free to email me again incase your email ended up in the spam box or was pushed down!!) Time frame of delivery after package/order is marked shipped: <b> - Domestic (USA): US First Class: 3-5 Business Days - International: International First Class: Around 2 weeks but can take up to 6 weeks. </b> <h3 class="faq-question" style="font: normal 11pt 'raleway', cambria, georgia; color: #4D4D4D; border-bottom: 2px solid #eee; padding:4px; ">Shipping Schedule & Tracking</h3>Monday - Fridays Tracking numbers are available for all domestic orders. International orders do not include tracking, USPS doesn't allow tracking outside of the USA unless you are willing to pay for EMS/much more expensive shipping options u_u We ship via USPS. We currently can't ship out through FedEx or UPS, I apologize :c
  • Shipping Rates:

    Prices are in USD (rates are subject to change) Shipping varies between items. Last Updated: 7.2.13 <u>Note:</u> <Strike>Since January 27 2013, USPS has raised their shipping prices, especially for international shipping* </strike> Update March 3 2014: I'm not sure when USPS has updated their shipping cost, especially for tracking numbers (used to be only 97 cents but now it's over $1!!) but due to that shipping prices at BowKuma are no longer as low as $2 :( USA: Starts at $4.00 + Starts at $.10 for every additional item. ($.75 for clothes, and very large items) CANADA: Starts at $9.00 + $.50 for every additional item. ($1.50 for clothes, and $3.00 for very large items) EVERYWHERE ELSE: Starts at $12.00 + $.50 for every additional item. ($1.75 for clothes, and $3 for very large items) <b>FREE SHIPPING</b> N/A At the moment Tracking numbers are available for all domestic orders. (Buy more save more! You can actually save more money on postage by buying more, shipping will be inevitably cheaper the more you purchase. USPS calculates via weight, although because our bows and some other items are very light weight, multiple bow shipping charge is equivalent to one bow shipping charge. If there are items you'd like to purchase but are sold out, let us know!) <font color="yellow"/>☆</font> Shipping costs do not just cover postage, they also cover packaging materials, which is why the cost may be a few cents to a dollar more. <font color="yellow"/>☆</font>
  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    Yes! We welcome international orders, Please refer to our <a href=""/>Shipping and Processing Info here</a> <a name="reserve">.</a>
  • Free Goodies?!

    <b> Forever Promos:</b> Every Purchase Comes with free goodies! Such as candy and/or cute memo paper and a BowKuma sticker. * * * Purchases over $25 OR any purchases of clothing/apparel items (including thrift items) receive a free tea packet. (Tea flavors are random) <b>NEW SEASONAL PROMO:</b> Receive a free Pumpkin Bow for every purchase over $15 (not including shipping)! Ends October 20 2014. No coupons or anything. Please Check our <a href="" target="_blank">Tumblr</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> for any other special promotions.
  • Sponsors / Affiliate / PR /

    Thank you for your interest! The general requirements are: 10k followers on tumblr OR 3k on blogspot OR 20k on instagram. We are more likely to accept your application if you are a Kawaii, Pastel Goth or Harajuku themed. Please send us your Name, website(s) and a link to your past reviews. Email us at We are always welcoming new shop affiliates! We will usually reply within a few weeks in regards to partnerships We appreciate each and every support :)

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