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Jinx Me

1,479 Sales Ships from California, USA

Pre-orders close on July 30th (19th pre-order). Products are internationally shipped to Jinx Me, then shipped to you. Shipping takes approx. 3 weeks! ~*~* Please read the FAQ!*~*~*~


Store FAQ

  • Where does this store ship from?

    California, United States.
  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    Returns are only accepted if the item is defective. Exchanges are only accepted before the pre-order ends. Please email me with your first and last name, the items you want to trade and it's as simple as that. :)
  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    Yep! Gladly :)
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    All items are purchased on a pre-order basis. Which means, your item won't be shipped until the pre-order is over. After it is over, please allow about 3 weeks, depending on your postal service.
  • Where can I contact you for business matters?

    You can contact me via customer support or my email:
  • What's a preorder?

    A pre-order is a type of order you make for an item that is not in stock. Once the pre-order period ends, then all orders are shipped internationally to Jinx Me, then to you.
  • I never received my order and it's been a month after the pre-order date, where is my item?

    Several things could have happened in this instance. The worst thing is that it could have gotten lost/delayed in the mail and may take a bit longer to get to you. Or, your order may have been lost due to a mistake in Storenvy's system. Very few of my orders have done this, but it's happened. Please feel free to contact me asking about your order if you think this could have happened to you. I'm always happy to help!
  • Is my International order 100% safe?

    No, sadly, since international shipping is so high I have the pre-set price for shipping as First Class International. This means that packages ship with no tracking and no insurance. So basically, this means if it's lost it's lost, and there is no way to retrive the item. Packages are hardly ever lost, however it does happen, and I hold no responsibility for packages lost this way. If you would like to upgrade to safer, faster and guarenteed shipping method, please contact me via a Customer Service e-mail. :)
  • **SPONSORED BLOGS!** Please read before e-mailing!

    Thank you for taking interest in sponsoring my store! First off: No international sponsors, unless you would be okay with a 25%-50% discount code. Shipping is very expensive for these orders :( Here's a run-down of my requirements: Follower Count (tumblr, instagram) 3,000+ A quality camera, and possible editing skills. Blog that is fashion related to my stores style (streetwear, kawaii, cute, harajuku, ect) Mailing address is in the US (as stated above) For blogs with a follower count of about 3k~10k, I will most likely not give free items. However, I can offer discount codes ranging from 25%, 50%, and 75%. For blogs with 10k+ followers, items will most likely be free or 75% dicsounted, depending on your blogstyle, how well you write your reviews (if this is your first time, then I'll glance through your posts), ect. If you're still interested in being sponsored by Jinx Me, please fill out a Contact email with the subject as SPONSOR (or e-mail me at Please include a link to your blog/instagram, a proof of follower count, any past reviews you've done, and any items you have in mind. Thank you!

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