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Magic Pop!

602 Sales Ships from Fairburn, GA

*2/04* HI Loonies! With marketplace in effect now, if you are looking to use PAYPAL as a method of payment, please use our CUSTOM STORE FRONT at Stay Magic!


Store FAQ

  • What's the deal with raises in pricing and shipping?

    Recently, Storenvy implemented a high commission rate that is at 10% per item plus shipping and tax. Additionally to this, they have taken away paypal as a option for payment via Marketplace where most of our sales come from meaning we are having that 10% taken out from our pockets as well as the 2-3% commission in order to utilize Stripe payments. Because of this we have had to raise our prices and shipping prices. In the past, we were able to lower our prices and keep our shipping slightly higher to add in a "shipping and handling" / "commission" fee for ourselves as a way to be able to take around 2$ average per transaction for time gas and resources spent packaging items and shipping them. Additionally, we had standard shipping slightly higher than average so that we could lower pricing for shipping for our INTL customers as well so that every one was paying an average of the same per order. But since the commission rates are so high on storenvy, we've had to raise prices for every one phenomenally due to this. WE do however have a secondary shop with our original pricing/much lower shipping which accepts both paypal and credit cards that you can find here:
  • Do you accept Sponsorships?

  • Do you accept Partnerships?

    Yes we do, however we have a detailed screening and application process for this. For inquiries, please message us via our Facebook Page at
  • What are your Customer Service hours of operation?

    Our hours of operations are Monday-Fri and we can be reached at any time during those days. Any customer support questions received during our offline hours, will not be responded to until the following Monday!
  • Size Guide

    Tights: All tights are Free size, meaning they fit most body types up to a certain size! ---- Petite is ideal for slimmer, shorter men and women between heights 4'10-5'5", with slimmer waist lines between sizes US 0 up to an estimated US size 8. -----Tall size is ideal for those with a thicker waist line and/or taller/longer legs, and will fit men and women in the waistline from size US 0-18, and/or a height of an estimated 6'2". With Tall size, the larger the waist, the less leg room there is to travel up the body, so if you are for example a size 18 in the waist, and have very long legs, be mindful that your chances of fitting into this size can vary and to be mindful before purchase as we do not refund for reasons of ill fit. It is the consumers responsibility to know their own body and they assume responsibility upon purchase.
  • Hi! How can I stay up on the latest news??

    Moon Kitty Productions is all over social media, so you can follow us on multiple platforms to keep up on the latest news on new releases, the status's of pre-ordered items, upcoming products and more at the following sites: Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter:
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks. Pre-orders can take any where from 2 weeks to 2 month's. This is important to note when you are ordering since Moon Kitty Productions does not accept returns once your pre-order has been made unless it applies to our Return and Exchange policies. Moon Kitty Productions in no way has control over Manufacture shippments of stock so until the product is in stock, and released, your order is still in "pre-order" status.
  • Hi, I placed a pre-order for XXX a month ago and it still has not arrived, where is my product?

    Pre-order means just that: Pre-order. When an item is listed under this label, it means we have yet to have it produced, or it is not yet in stock, so it can take us as long as 2 weeks to 6 months before receiving the stock that then gets shipped out to our customers! Pre-order items are usually listed 2 seasons in advance for when we plan to have an item officially released, but if it is the case that we meet our pre-order goal early, customers who placed a pre-order will recieve them prior to items release date! It is also sometimes the case that when we have a item produced, it is during a very busy time for our producers, so initial product delays can occur. It happens. So please bear this in mind when choosing a product of ours that is listed as pre-order. All status' of pre-order items productions can be found in updates via our Facebook page and is your best medium for keeping track on shipping/release times
  • Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

    We sure do! However: We do not choose shipping rates, and all shipping rates are liable to change based on USPS shipping rates. This also means that tracking for INTL orders are also not available through USPS so purchase at your own risk. Finally depending on foreign shipping policies, we may or may not be able to send your order through normal means, meaning specilized shipping charges may be billed to you if such a situation occurs, we will contact you via email and you will be required to send any extra shipping charges through paypal in order to have your items shipped out.
  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?

    Any item that is broken or damaged may be returned for a Full refund for the value or monetary equivalent of payed purchase for said item. Clothing items (tights, tshirts, etc) are only eligible for full refund if the product(s) **do not fit** and/or are damaged prior to receiving the product. **All clothing returns are subject to the seller(s) discretion and the customer is not guaranteed a full refund or replacement. Any and all returns or exchanges shipping and handling are liable to the customer. **Pre-orders are NON refundable after purchase, and the store owner is not liable for any lost packages. Purchase at your own risk. ***Returns for fitting issues are only available for pre-orders and any/all others are purchased knowing the size limits are listed in descriptions. Any other inquires please direct to customer service at:
  • WOAH your prices are kinda high, what's the deal?

    Well, you see this is an artist run business! With every item you buy, it has been meticulously crafted from hand with you the customer in mind! Additionally when you purchase our clothing, the designs and patterns have all been hand drawn and created by an artist. When you purchase an artist made item you are also purchasing THEIR art. Every piece of clothing with a print on it, or logo, or any work of art, you are not just paying for the price of the clothes, but also for that artwork! It's just the same as if you go to a museum and purchase a print, you aren't just paying for a printed piece of notecard or paper, you are buying that artist's heart and hard work they've put into creating that piece. Artists deserve to make a living wage for their art, and should not have to compromise the WORTH of their art simply because it makes an item cost more to do so. Think of the artist(s) designing these cloting and accessories and the time, effort, love, and thoughts they've put into making these pieces and consider that they deserve to be payed for that effort accordingly.

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