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Solar Flare Ringgg - Upcycled Nerd Jewelry

sold by 9000things


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Boring jewelry is the WORST... If you're looking for something more interesting, or if you're a bit of a nerd, or if you're super into being eco-friendly, check out these Ringggs!

This particular ring is bright yellow with a black band. It has a higher profile than some of the others.

Ringggs are really pretty and super fun to play with. It's like a virtually indestructible stress relief toy disguised as a stylish fashion accessory! And they're made out of used telephone cord and are 100% recycled. Remember telephones? LOL. Me neither!

I make these rings out of discarded telephone cords that I find anywhere from flea markets and garage sales to the deepest darkest corners of IT storage closets. I love that they look fairly boring on the outside, but when you open them up they're filled with really interesting color combinations. You can TOTALLY tell the ones that were made in the 80s.

Ringggs are adjustable by nature. They hug your finger, similar to how you would curl the telephone cord around your finger while talking to your bestie in a teen coming-of-age movie.

Things of note:
*there may be slight color and curliness variations from ring to ring
*rings are adjustable and will easily fit 4-9 ring size. If you'd like something bigger or smaller, message me
*please don't stick this ring in your eye

Ringggs contain a small amount of copper.

See all the different styles:

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